Learn Chinese Characters
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Learn Chinese Characters


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Chinese Trainer


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Features at a glance:
Huge drawing animation of multicolor characters
Featuring all information of all GB2312 standard characters
Many sensible vocabulary lists
Creates vocabulary list from chinese text automatically
Displays marvellous expressions for every character
Precise, extensive & easy to use talking dictionary
Magic mapping of all syllable-characters
Unique polyphone table to keep from mispronouncing
Color character flashcards printing
Chinese character slideshow
11 kinds of Games/Exercises/Tests
Featuring all information of 80,000 words/phrases
Provides all information on clicking any Hanzi/words while reading
Extracts all Chinese characters used in any article
Creates character writing GIF animation files
Creates stroke serial pictures

  Select a Hanzi list integrated or of your own
  Click any character to acquire its information
  You master Hanzi quickly using the variety of intelligent utilities
  Comfortable for total beginner to advanced learner
  Best Choice for Learning Chinese Characters

If you report a functional failure, we will reward you with a CCB full version.
You are learning Chinese, practice makes the master
The training objects here come from real Chinese life
they are google ranked, the higher one is preferred
they are HSK level-oriented, everyone finds his/her niche
they are more than of any other Chinese course or textbook:
6700 Chinese characters,
80,000 words/phrases,
8000 synonyms/anonyms,
50,000+ sentences,
13,000 dictations, (hundreds of Chinese speak to you, you won't just understand your teacher).
Therefrom you have countless exercises on vocabulary, reading, listening and writing. You may win a lottery jackpot, you can never get 2 identical worksheets here.
The dynamic, interactive nature of the Trainer will also help you prepare for HSK tests

  Choose a level, practise characters, words/phrases, sentences
  Try to get the most out of the abundance of material
  The program will evaluate your homework
  Raising your score/average score, enjoy your success
  Learning Chinese will never be the same again

Compare with a HSK Exemplar here, you will see why we create this software.
  simply magical

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