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Most people believe Mandarin Chinese is a difficult language to learn,
it's only half true.
Actually only to master a certain number of Chinese characters is hard.
Now Chinese Character Bible will improve your learning efficiency significantly,
it's absolutely true.

Chinese Character Bible generates
Hanzi writing animations,
small or large.

Ctr+Alt +3 : 384 x 384 pixel
Ctr+Alt +4 : 480 x 480: default
Ctr+Alt +6 : 600 x 600
Ctr+Alt +7 : 768 x 768
Ctr+Alt +0 : same as the drawing pane

Chinese Character Bible produces animated GIF pictures for every Chinese character(GB2312)

Chinese Character Bible Screen Shoots,   click to view in actual size

one touch so much
input any Hanzi
create a customer's list

click any Hanzi
click any word
Load your lesson

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quiz game

Pinyin game
Reading PANE
Create Zi game

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Learn Chinese Characters Using Tablet

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