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The User Interface
Hanzi Lists
Learning and Reviewing
Practicing and Training
Chinese-Chinese-English Dictionary
Flashcards Printing
Hanzi Diashow
Art of playing
Some Important Attentions


Functions you can perform using this software include:
*Learning Hanzi selected from menu, e.g. 2500 national standardized common characters
Learning the unknown Hanzi protocoled or of lists you built yourself or by means of this software
Learning any Hanzi you type in
all use the techniques you enjoy
*Reviewing the studied Hanzi in intelligent way
*Practicing any Chinese character set with fun
*Training what you have learned using a cool Editor
*A powerful and easy-to-use Chinese-Chinese-English dictionary
*An intelligent Chinese text reading assistant
*Loading and extracting your Chinese text file to a personal learning list
*Printing out color flashcards of any Hanzi character in any appropriate format
*Flashing Hanzicards while you are doing something else


The User Interface

The Chinese Character Bible contains two major panes: Hanzi animation is in the left pane. This is also the reading and dictionary contents pane. User plays games also here.
To the right of the main pane is the assistant pane, which can be set up to display "familiar Hanzi", "Unknown Hanzi", "Related Words" or used for the dictionary.
The other area is used to display the serial stroke images and a vertical bar for "Today's New Characters".
There is here no place for menu, tool bar, cool bar or many buttons as usual, such things could only affect our concentration on studying Chinese.
We must save place for painting large Chinese character, the larger the better, in order to gain the deep visual impact, the stronger the better.
A simple right click or right move one can access the menu as like do nothing, English menu or Chinese menu at will. For the frequent operations you need only use the short cuts, it is even more comfortable. see the hot key list below.



Hanzi Lists

Chinese character Bible contains a variety of Chinese National Standard Character sets and a large stack of school textbooks. One can surely find an interesting list, the name of the selected list will be displayed in the title bar. If a lesson is loaded, its Hanzi will be shown in the most right vertical bar, which is also editable, e.g., using copy and paste.

One can also use this software for any other learning Chinese resources.

When the Reading pane is displayed, an opening file will be loaded into this pane, it is clear, that is for reading with assistant of Chinese Character Bible. When a file is opening elsewhere, "Chinese Character Bible" will create a Hanzi list from this file automatically. (Normally a long novel is composed of approximately 3000 different characters. You can easily imagine that more novels won't contain many additional characters.)

One can also rename any Chinese text file(ASCII or UNICODE format) to "familiar.txt" or "unknown.txt". After launching the software, the all different Hanzi in that file will be displayed in the pane "Reviewing Familiar Hanzi" or "Learning Unknown Hanzi" respectively.

Up to now we could have four lists loaded: One integrated list or by opening a file, one in "Reviewing familiar Hanzi" pane, one in "Learning unknown Hanzi" pane, another one in the vertical bar.
Which one is in processing? How can we switch between them? It is quite simple. When we click a Hanzi from a list, this hanzi is marked in blue and this list is in action. To activate a hidden list(the name is shown in the title bar), the input field in the bottom middle is to be clicked. To activate the vertical bar, some Hanzi within must be double clicked(a single click is for editing).



Learning(学习) and Reviewing(复习)

*Clicking the mode selection button to goto the Learning or Reviewing pane, if any Hanzi here is clicked, the characters in this pane will be processed.
*Left click on the painting window or press space bar to protocol the present Hanzi to the Familiar or Unknown list.
*When a Hanzi is collected in the familiar list, the same one, if any, in the Unknown list will be removed. The more Hanzi we are familiar with, the shorter the Unknown list will be.
*Whenever we start Chinese Character Bible, the last protocol will continue and we can concentrate on the unknown characters.
*Any Hanzi or word is clickable, all buttons as well as features are awake and combinable at any run mode and any moment.
*If a Hanzi has many related possible combinations, you can believe that is an important one.
The related words are ranked by usability frequency.
We recommend you to pay more attention to the best pronunciation and understanding the phrases than to Pinyin.


Practicing(练习) and Training(实习)

Choose which stuff attracts more from the menu or select a list by enabling Learning or Reviewing.
Type a Hanzi in the input field or click any Hanzi in the List as the bottom limit.
Example 1: a Hanzi in lesson 6 of the book II, all Hanzi from lesson 1 to this one will be processed
Example 2: the last Hanzi zuo4(座)of the BG-2312 level I (total 3755 Hanzi), the uncommonly used level II (3008) will not be touched.
Example 3: some Hanzi from your Learning or Reviewing list when it is clicked.
If you want to run the whole set without limit, you must leave the input field empty.

Quizmany clues and their combinations can be based on to solve the Hanzi problems, the pronunciation is again the key choice.
MemoryLearning Chinese and training your memory.
PinyinClicking first the Pinyin button is recommended.
Discover ZiAnother way of learning radicals and structures of Hanzi.
Create ZiA hammer drill, drill your Chinese and think ability.
CrosswordAstute vision training and Chinese words training.
SenseLearning Chinese words or/and English.

Read/WriteNo better place - when you are learning Chinese articles.
Using copy/paste text or drag/drop file(s) to load your stuffs. Of course you can write/save here your own.
Just a single click on any Hanzi in question you'll get all information. It will give you all information exactly no matter a single Hanzi or a combination is under the cursor, it is extreme important for the foreign Chinese learners.
We would prefer Not having additional toolbar and too many buttons disturb you. To activate the edit menu or the system menu just right click within the reading pane or outside respectively.

When Training is running automatically(after double clicking), the default interval time = (2 + number_of_Hanzi) seconds. Each press of the Down/Up Arrow key results 10% in/decrease.
One day you may be using it as a quickest tool for some sort of presentations.


Chinese-Chinese-English Dictionary

To use this Dictionary the Chinese fonts must be installed.
If you have a registered fullversion, you can dig down to the root of every Hanzi and get the exact answers concerning Hanzi that you wouldn't find elsewhere.
Every hanzi in the left window or the right window can be clicked. The dictionary can also be used with the reading pane or other features together.
The demo version lists only a few of Hanzi for looking up and only 48 Hanzi can be entered or clicked.


Cards Printing

Whether you are learning Chinese seriously or just for fun, Flashcards are anyway interesting learning material.
Flashcards provide an easy way to memorize the Chinese characters and you can study them anytime/anywhere, it is also a good way to improve your mark, only you have the probability to learn Hanzi anytime, even seconds before a test.
If you make Flashcards yourself by mean of Chinese Character Bible, you determine which Hanzi you are going to print out, of what size (from thumb to A4), more or fewer accompany phrases and English explanations. During you are making of the cards, you are also memorizing those Hanzi by way of parenthesis.
Especially, only Chinese Character Bible produces Chinese character flashcards represented in multicolored components, the stroke order and direction are also tagged. Besides, they are also essentially cheap. Here you see some examples
Try it by simply clicking F5 key. Learning is really more effective if it makes fun or use the techniques you enjoy!


Hanzi Flashing

Chinese Character Bible provides you yet another meaningful, helpful and time-saving way to memorize Chinese characters.
After clicking the window's minimize button, a small screen will show Hanzi intermittently just by doing something you probably do all the time.
Before starting Hanzi Diashow, you can process the following configurations:
* Select a Chinese character set, Learning unknown Hanzi or Reviewing Familiar Hanzi
* Pinyin On/Off
* Reading On/Off
* Translation On/Off
* Random/Sequence
* Repeating
While flashing you can also click on the top label to toggle Translation On/Off and related compounds
Or click Pinyin label to toggle Pinyin On/Off
Or click the Hanzi to hear its pronunciation once more (which will increase this display time by 2 seconds)
The display time depends on the length of the text in the top label, it is 10 and 15 seconds for short text and long text respectively, the interval is adjustable between 1 and 10 minutes.


Art of playing

* Clever or foolish

You can click any Hanzi or word whenever you want to get its information what you want.
At any run mode and any moment you can override the processing to type in any Hanzi individually.

* Repeating

1If the REPEAT button is enabled, writing and/or reading will be repeated for the number of times stated.
2If you wish to have the sound repeated without animation, turn Writing animation off and REPEAT on.
3If PINYIN and READING are set on, you can move the mouse onto a Pinyin and left click it.
4Before going on to the next character, you can press ENTER key to repeat.
5When a Hanzi is finished, click the "previous" button to repeat it.

*Supplementary information:

1Activating the menu item "new start" will inform you where you are and other things
2Move the mouse to the bottom right corner of the writing window, to get the stroke number of the character
3Move the mouse into the input field to capture the QuWei code(coding index of the character)

*Some Hot keys:

F1 brief Help, click "user guide" further: display this file
MinimizeStart Hanzi Flashing
Ctr+Up increase animation tempo
Ctr+Down decrease animation tempo
Arrow Up previous Chinese character, game, slide
Arrow Down Next Chinese character, game, slide
hit space bar or
left click the big Hanzi

record Hanzi into lists
F5 color Hanzi flashcards printing
left click the big Hanzicollect a single Hanzi for flashcards printing(when feature active)
Ctr+F12flashcards printing automatically (when feature active)
Ctr+N Display stroke tags, for printing wonderful flashcards
Ctr+S "Start" clicking simulation
Ctr+P "Pinyin" clicking simulation
Ctr+R "Read aloud" clicking simulation
Ctr+E "English Translation" clicking simulation
Ctr+SHIF+Alt+Q (Fullversion)printing 2500 common Hanzi set to the right pane or file
Ctr+SHIF+Alt+R (Fullversion)printing 1000 less common Hanzi set to the right pane or file
Ctr+SHIF+Alt+G (Fullversion)printing 3755 GB2312 Level I Hanzi set to the right pane or file
Ctr+SHIF+Alt+H (Fullversion)printing 3008 GB2312 Level II Hanzi set to the right pane or file
Ctr+SHIF+Alt+U (Fullversion)printing 300 most active Hanzi set to the right pane or file
Ctr+SHIF+Alt+S (Fullversion)printing Textbook "Standard Chinese" Hanzi to the right pane or file
Ctr+SHIF+Alt+T (Fullversion)printing Textbook "Chinese" Hanzi to the right pane or file
Ctr+SHIF+Alt+W (Fullversion)printing HSK Hanzi to the right pane or file
Ctr+SHIF+Alt+U (Fullversion)printing PCR Hanzi to the right pane or file
Ctr+Page Down Animation interrupt
Page Down Next stroke, stroke by stroke
Ctr+Page Down Normal Animation
mouse right clickEnglish Popup menu(Chinese for Chinese system language)
mouse most right moveChinese Tool bar menu with English hints


Some Important Recommendations

*Activating the Windows Taskbar Autohide for getting better display, it's really a cool feature.
Right clicking the System Taskbar -> Peroperty -> check the option "Taskbar autohide" on the Taskbar page
*Activating Windows antialias effect, the pretty true type Hanzi font needs this:
Right clicking Desktop -> Peroperty -> Appearance -> Effects -> check the option "use the following methodth smooth edges of screenfonts.



 In a few clicks your PC will support Chinese

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Chinese Character Bible (Chinese)




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