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1000 Most Frequently Used Chinese Words

  what is that? It is a Chinese character, of course.
  what does this mean, nobody knows.
Do you understand this? Ok.
And these words:

Chinese words are generally composed of two characters. How many Chinese characters a person knows can not measure her/his Chinese level. These characters will be finally used to understand many times or tens times of words. Please try your best to master as many as possible the standard combinations(words) with your limited Chinese characters. This is the key to improve your Chinese level. If you know more than twice as many words as characters, you are well on the way to develop your Chinese with your talent and ability.
Taking advantage of the intuitive knowledge access to Hanzi and the intellegent skills offered by Chinese Character Bible will memorize Chinese characters and compound words easily.
If you learn Chinese, you must learn Hanzi, if you learn Hanzi, you should use Chinese Character Bible.







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