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Dec.01, 2019Sale on eBay
Dec.14, 2017Button displaying failure removed
Apr. 28, 2017Chinese Character Bible V10 released: It also goes on your USB stick! Cool?
Aug. 12, 2014Chinese Character Bible V9.1 released: new: Add a words game
Jun. 18, 2013Chinese Character Bible V9.0 released: new: easy Hanzi look-up based on a Pinyin table, without need to type; a words game more
Feb. 18, 2013Chinese Trainer V3.0 released: 13000+ dictations of native passages from the real life in China, you'll understand the voice of China, not just your teacher
Jan. 01, 2013Chinese Character Bible V8.0 released. new: improved writing animation, time-limited discount
If you report a functional failure, we will reward you with a CCB full version
Nov. 21, 2011Chinese Character Bible V7.0 released. What's new:
Huge Wordlist(80,000) in Google Ranking; Overall Highly Polished Quality
Jun. 18, 2011Chinese Trainer V2.0 released. Questions and Answers for learning Chinese

We are pround to announce the launch of "Chinese Trainer"

Dec. 10, 2009Chinese Character Bible V6.0 released. What's new: Save writing Animations
Jun. 15, 2009Chinese Character Bible V5.2 released.
What's new: Two Hanzi sets added, one for competent people, one for children
Jul. 25, 2008Practice HSK Characters released. Freeware
Aug. 28, 2008Chinese Character Bible V5.1 released. New: Learn all Chinese polyphones
May. 28, 2008Chinese Character Bible V5.0 released. New: Overall improved, new help system
Feb. 01, 2008Chinese Character Bible V4.2 released. New: Mapping of all Chinese syllables - homophones(all GB2312 characters) to help you to master Hanzi by shortcut
Nov. 22, 2007Chinese Character Bible V4.1 released. New: Adding A Words/Pinyin Game
Oct. 24, 2007Chinese Character Bible V4.0 released. New: 13000 meaningful Chinese expressions are cited to the common Characters. You will learn how Chinese are talking in the real life.
Mar. 30, 2007Chinese Character Bible V3.2 released. What is new: Vista compliant.
Jan. 19, 2007Chinese Character Bible V3.1 released: Flashcards printing and strokes labelling improved.
Jan. 01, 2007Chinese Character Bible V3.0 released: One software for any learning Chinese stuff, for every one.
Nov. 11, 2006Chinese Character Bible V2.0 released. An Edition For Chinese Teachers And Students.

We are pround to announce the launch of "Chinese Character Bible"

Sep. 15, 2006Hanzi Explorer V9.5 released. An optimized build.
Sep. 04, 2006Hanzi Explorer V9.4 released. What is new: Two Games for learning Chinese words with fun.
Aug. 10, 2006Hanzi Explorer V9.3 released. New: Learning Chinese characters unconsciously
Jul. 16, 2006Hanzi Explorer V9.2 released. New: One game more, dictionary improvement
Jun. 02, 2006Hanzi Explorer V9.1 released. All PCR characters included
Apr.22-25,06 To Present At The Second International Conference On Chinese Literary Education
Apr. 10, 2006Hanzi Explorer V9.0 released, New: A Smart & Powerful Chinese-Chinese-English Dictionary
Dec. 31, 2005Hanzi Explorer V8.8 released. New: Improved UNICODE Compliance
Nov. 29, 2005Hanzi Explorer V8.7 released. All HSK characters, Hair brush writing simulation
Oct. 23, 2005Hanzi Explorer V8.6 released. New: One more significant move, printing color flashcards
Sep. 15, 2005Hanzi Explorer V8.5 released. New: HSK Level A Chinese character set integrated
Aug.23-27,2005   Hanzi Explorer Presentation at the International conference on
How Western Learners Discover the World of Written Chinese
Aug. 22, 2005Hanzi Explorer V8.4 released. Plus: A clever Chinese character set for clever people
Jul. 30, 2005Hanzi Explorer V8.3 released. New: The multimedia reading room erected
Jul. 16, 2005Hanzi Explorer V8.2 released. New: 5000 Chinese character puzzles!!!!
Jul. 09, 2005Hanzi Explorer V8.1 released. New: One game more for Pinyin practice
Jun. 20, 2005Hanzi Explorer V8.0 released. Drawing Hanzi in multicolor components
Jun. 05, 2005Hanzi Explorer V7.1 released one memory game more for practice
May. 22, 2005Hanzi Explorer V7.0 released: a game, banner function, editor for training, talking dictionary added
Feb. 11, 2005Hanzi Explorer V6.0 released A Famous Chinese National Broadcast Announcer Speaks
Jan. 01, 2005Hanzi Explorer V5.0 released (New: Unicode compliant)
Dec. 18, 2004Hanzi Explorer V4.1 released (Pinyin and Dictionary Refined)
Nov. 30, 2004Hanzi Explorer V4.0 released (New Functions: Review and Self Build Hanzi Listing)
Oct. 20, 2004Hanzi Explorer V3.0 released (New: Chinese-English Dictionary)
July 19, 2004Globechinese was born!


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